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Smart Suite
BIOTHERM MSP Selectable Temperature Microscope Warmstage

The Biotherm™ Smart Suite is a modular system used for maintaining specimens at a preselected temperature from 2C above ambient, up to 55C. The Smart Suite consists of Smart Devices connected to either a Power Module or Command Station.

Smart Devices contain state of the art control systems and precision temperature sensing for fast and accurate temperature control. All Smart Devices have a built in temperature setting that the device is regulated at when power is supplied. This temperature can be pre-set at the factory for use with a Power Module, or the temperature setting can be changed by a user with a Command Station.

Power Modules or Command Stations are used to provide power to the Smart Devices. Command Stations are also able to display the Smart Device temperature.

Download BTSS Product Flyer

Download BTSS SmartDevice Flyer

Smart Devices

  • SmartBlock Tube Warmers

  • SmartPlate Warm Plates

  • SmartStage Microscope Stage Warmers

  • Power Modules and Command Stations

  • Power Module

  • Command Station 1

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