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FREEZE CONTROL® cryochambers are unique. The design ensures symmetrical heat transfer from all specimens to Liquid Nitrogen.

The highly conductive material used for the chamber ensures a very high degree of temperature uniformity of each specimen whether Liquid Nitrogen levels are high or low. The conductive core of the chamber, and the tight thermal coupling between specimens and core, ensure that Latent Heat is efficiently removed during the nucleation process.

Specimen temperature is monitored continuously, and is measured by a precision Platinum temperature sensor permanently mounted in the core. Specimens can be safely accessed for manual seeding, without exposing them to temperature fluctuations.

A range of FREEZE CONTROL® cryochambers is available to accommodate different applications, with cooling rates appropriate for most protocols. Chambers are interchangeable because each chamber is separate from, and plugs into the controller.
Customers select the option(s) most appropriate to their needs. Customisation of cryochambers is possible to some extent, to accommodate specimen containers of slightly different dimensions to those described.


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