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Temperature Controllers

FREEZE CONTROL® temperature controllers provide reliable and accurate temperature regulation of specimens. The controllers use a tightly coupled servo-loop in which specimen temperature is matched with pre-installed or computer generated temperature data by a process of continuously variable heat flow regulation. Compliant temperature protocols are precisely followed, and temperatures can be held constant at any point within the control range.

While the control ranges are suitable for most applications, temperatures well below the specified ranges can be reached through "freefall", and controllers can display these temperatures. Controllers can also be used to provide controlled-rate thawing of specimens. Calibrations for temperature measurements and for control are performed to within 0.1C. Proprietary circuit design and selection of components ensure that calibrations have long term stability, contributing to low maintenance and reduced service costs.

All controllers have selectable mains power, and can be run from a dedicated Power Pack. A range of preprogrammed and programmable temperature controllers is available. Preprogrammed Controllers have an internal program chip which contains the program information required to run the freezer system; Programmable Controllers can be run from any IBM compatible PC using our proprietary software (CryoGenesis™).

All controllers are compliant with international Electromagnetic Emission & Immunity Standards, in particular  CE Logo and  C-Tick (C-Tick).


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