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Most equipment is available ex-stock. All standard FREEZE CONTROL® systems are available ex-stock.
Depending on the terms of trade, we can normally supply 1 day after we have received:
[1] a formal written order
[2] the temperature programs (if required) to be installed in the FREEZE CONTROL® system.

Equipment is portable and lightweight. (FREEZE CONTROL® systems are compact in size and have a total packaged weight of between 10-15kgs). This helps to keep the cost of shipping low.

For delivery in Australia, we normally use a fast postal service.

For international delivery, we can deliver via a door-to-door express courier service, or a door-to-airport freight forwarder, at a reasonable cost. Goods may be delivered in less than 1 week (but this will depend on customs clearance procedures at the destination).

No special installation is necessary for CryoLogic equipment.
FREEZE CONTROL® systems can be set up by the user according to the instructions in the manual.

CryoLogic provides a 2 year repair or replace warranty on FREEZE CONTROL® equipment, against defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty documentation is included in the equipment's operating manual.

Service and repair work is carried out at CryoLogic's authorised service centres.

Before returning equipment to CryoLogic, confirm that it is necessary to do so. If equipment does need to be returned, CryoLogic will provide written instructions about packaging, and other issues, to assist with speedy clearance through customs.