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Petri Dish Incubator INC-PG
For 10ml Petri Dishes and 5ml Tubes

BIOTHERM INC-PG Portable Incubator

BIOTHERM INC-PG Portable Incubator

Product Code: BT-INC-PG

The Biotherm™ INC-PG is a portable petri dish incubator and tube warmer designed for maintaining live cell cultures, gametes and tissues at appropriate metabolic temperatures, with less than 0.05°C temperature fluctuation or variation between specimens.

Temperature regulation is maintainable for periods exceeding 30 hours away from mains power. The long operating time makes it possible for live material to be shipped interstate, and even abroad.

PG Core

F17x6 Core

3 x 10ml petri dishes
(39mm dia. x 5mm)
25 x 5 or 6ml tubes
(12mm dia. x 63mm)
a combination of both

Cores are permanently fixed in the incubator.
The incubator is rugged and secure, and built to be transported by third parties.

Features & Specifications:

2 x Internal 6V 4AH Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Universal Mains Input
Internal Mains Battery Charger
Battery Level Indicator and Battery Warning LED
External 12V Connection

Temperature Range: 32.5°C to 40°C (0.5°C increments)
Temperature Holding Time: >30 hours (from internal batteries)

Secure Latching Mechanism
Fully Removable Lid

Dimensions: 275 x 212 x 258mm (WxDxH)
Weight: ~6.0 Kg (including batteries)

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