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Cell Fusion / Activation System

Product Code: CF1

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The Voltain™ EP-1 is an electro cell fusion and cell manipulation device. It is used worldwide in a diverse range of applications from transgenics to stemcell research. It can be used to perform cell alignment, cell fusion, cell activation and low voltage electroporation.

Supplied with a foot switch for hands free alignment and triggering.

Applications include:

  • Nuclear transfer in mice, cattle and sheep; involving cells which may be similar or very different in size or using different cell types
  • Electro cell fusion between ß-Lymphocytes and myeloma cells to produce hydridomas
  • Plant hybridisation through somatic/gametic plant protoplast fusion
  • Introduction of otherwise non-permeable macromolecules into target cells

Options and Accessories:

Electro Cell Fusion Slides

CryoLogic manufactures high-quality Electro Cell Fusion Slides to provide consistent pulse delivery to a wide range of cell types, ensuring reproducible results. The Electro Cell Fusion Slides are available in three gap widths:


0.25mm Wire x 0.25mm Gap
Product Code: S222

0.5mm Wire x 0.5mm Gap
Product Code: S255

1mm wire x 1.0mm Gap
Product Code: S211

Cuvette Holder

The Cuvette Holder is specifically designed for bulk fusion applications, where uniform pulse delivery to the entire sample is paramount.

Product Code: CH

Alternative Electrodes

The Voltain™ EP1 is suitable for use with a number of alternate electrodes. Please contact CryoLogic to discuss your requirements.



  • Wide Parametric Range: enables the Voltain™ EP1 can be used in a wide range of applications

  • Fine Parametric Adjustment: alignment frequency, alignment amplitude, pulse timing parameters and pulse amplitude can be finely adjusted to suit a wide variety of cell types

  • A selection of specimen holders (slides and cuvettes) provide for wide ranging applications and media. Please see the Options Tab for more information

Simple to Use

  • Settings are easy to identify and adjust

  • Hands Free Option: for aligning and pulse triggering

Accurate and Stable

  • High Fidelity: Alignment fields consist of very low distortion sinusoidal waves ensuring precise alignment

  • Highly Rectangular Pulses: provide accurate control over electro cell fusion, activation and electroporation

  • Very Stable Frequency, Amplitude and Pulse Timing: ensure reproducibility

Safe and Reliable

  • Overload Detection: ensures the system disarms in the event of a short

  • Lockable Settings: prevent accidental modification of parameters

  • Delayed Operation for Arming/Alignment: prevents false triggering

  • Two year manufacturer's warranty

The VOLTAIN™ EP-1 uses Electric Fields to align and then fuse or activate a wide variety of biological cell types.
Alignment is achieved using a Sinusoidal Alignment signal to control Dielectrophoresis and hence movement of the cells.
Fusion or Activation is achieved using a Fusion signal to stimulate Dielectric breakdown of the cell membranes. The Fusion signal consists of a sequence of one or more square wave pulses.
The frequency and peak voltage of the Alignment signal can be finely and accurately adjusted with lockable knobs.
The Fusion signal has four parameters that can be manually set: the peak pulse voltage, the number of pulses in a sequence, the pulse duration and the delay time between each pulse.
The peak pulse voltage of the Fusion signal is also adjusted with a lockable knob.
The number of pulses, the pulse duration and the pulse delay are all set with push button switches, which indicate the current setting.
One LED display indicates the alignment frequency while a second can be switched to indicate the peak voltage of either the Alignment or Fusion signal.
Once they are set all values remain valid whenever the unit is powered up.

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